i just want to make, like, crazy science with you


Sherlock countdown: 25 days



Poor Banner

Mark Ruffalo is reblogging gifs of himself and commenting on his characters. My life is complete.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME2/5 female characters » Poussey Washington

"My name is Poussey! Accent à droite, bitch."

You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation!



The power of Harry Potter - Fans entering Diagon Alley (Orlando, FL)

What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

Natalie Dormer for Esquire Magazine (October 2013)

You are a  w o r t h l e s s  s t r e e t  r a t . You were born a street rat, you’ll die a street rat, and only your fleas will mourn you!


Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

To celebrate Harry’s birthday (and my undying love for the series), I made my own covers! I created patterns (Thanks for the inspiration Scandinavia!) using a significant object from each book. I used those in the movies as reference and digitally painted them. You can view the whole project here! :)

(It’s already July 31 here in the Philippines. Haha.)

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